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hypotrophy hy·pot·ro·phy (hī-pŏt’rə-fē)
Progressive degeneration of an organ or tissue caused by loss of cells.


Read Also:

  • Hypotropia

    hypotropia hy·po·tro·pi·a (hī’pə-trō’pē-ə) n. Downward deviation of the visual axis of one eye.

  • Hypotympanum

    hypotympanum hy·po·tym·pa·num (hī’pō-tĭm’pə-nəm) n. The lower part of the cavity of the middle ear.

  • Hypotyposis

    [hahy-puh-tahy-poh-sis] /ˌhaɪ pə taɪˈpoʊ sɪs/ noun, Rhetoric. 1. lifelike description of a thing or scene.

  • Hypouricemia

    hypouricemia hy·po·u·ri·ce·mi·a (hī’pō-yur’ĭ-sē’mē-ə) n. Abnormally reduced blood concentration of uric acid.

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