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[hahy-puh-zoog-muh] /ˌhaɪ pəˈzug mə/

noun, Rhetoric.
the use of a succession of subjects with a single predicate.


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  • Hypoxic nephrosis

    hypoxic nephrosis n. Acute oliguric renal failure following hemorrhage, burns, shock, or other causes of hypovolemia and reduced renal blood flow.

  • Hypsarrhythmia

    hypsarrhythmia hyp·sar·rhyth·mi·a or hyp·sa·rhyth·mi·a (hĭp’sə-rĭð’mē-ə) n. The abnormal and characteristically random electroencephalogram often found in babies with infantile spasms, associated with mental retardation. hyp’sar·rhyth’moid’ (-moid’) adj.

  • Hypozeuxis

    [hahy-puh-zook-sis] /ˌhaɪ pəˈzuk sɪs/ noun, Rhetoric. 1. the use of a series of parallel clauses, each of which has a subject and predicate, as in “I came, I saw, I conquered.”.

  • Hypsi-

    1. a combining form meaning “height,” “altitude,” used in the formation of compound words: hypsometer. combining form 1. indicating height: hypsometry word-forming element meaning “on high,” from Greek hypsi “aloft, on high,” related to hypsos “height;” cognate with Sanskrit os “above, over,” Old Church Slavonic vysoku “high.”

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