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hysterocatalepsy hys·ter·o·cat·a·lep·sy (hĭs’tə-rō-kāt’l-ěp’sē)
Hysteria with cataleptic manifestations.


Read Also:

  • Hysterocele

    hysterocele hys·ter·o·cele (hĭs’tə-rō-sēl’) n.

  • Hysterocleisis

    hysterocleisis hys·ter·o·clei·sis (hĭs’tə-rō-klī’sĭs) n. pl. hys·ter·o·clei·ses (-sēz’) Surgical occlusion of the uterus.

  • Hysterodynia

    hysterodynia hys·ter·o·dyn·i·a (hĭs’tə-rō-dĭn’ē-ə) n. See hysteralgia.

  • Hysteroepilepsy

    hysteroepilepsy hys·ter·o·ep·i·lep·sy (hĭs’tə-rō-ěp’ə-lěp’sē) n. Hysteria accompanied by convulsions resembling epileptic seizures.

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