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[his-tuh-ron prot-uh-ron] /ˈhɪs təˌrɒn ˈprɒt əˌrɒn/

noun, Rhetoric.
a figure of speech in which the logical order of two elements in discourse is reversed, as in “bred and born” for “born and bred.”.
/ˈhɪstəˌrɒn ˈprɒtəˌrɒn/
(logic) a fallacious argument in which the proposition to be proved is assumed as a premise
(rhetoric) a figure of speech in which the normal order of two sentences, clauses, etc, is reversed, as in bred and born (for born and bred)

1560s, from Late Latin, from Greek, literally “the latter (put as) the former.” A figure of speech in which what should come last is put first, from hysteron, neuter of hysteros “latter, second, after” (from PIE *ud-tero-, from root *ud- “up, out;” see out) + proteron, neuter of proteros “before, former,” from PIE *pro-, from root *per- (1) “forward, through” (see per).


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