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Integrated Advanced Information Management System


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  • Ial

    1. variant of 1 : grallatorial. suffix 1. of; relating to; connected with: managerial variant of -al (1). ALGOL 58

  • Ialmh

    International Academy of Law and Mental Health

  • Ialysus

    [ahy-al-uh-suh s, ee-al-] /aɪˈæl ə səs, iˈæl-/ noun 1. an ancient Mycenaean city on the island of Rhodes.

  • Iam

    Interactive Algebraic Manipulation. Interactive symbolic mathematics for PDP-10. [“IAM, A System for Interactive Algebraic Manipulation”, C. Christensen et al, Proc Second Symp Symb Alg Manip, ACM Mar 1971]. International Association of Machinists

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