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[ahy-am, ahy-amb] /ˈaɪ æm, ˈaɪ æmb/

noun, Prosody.
a foot of two syllables, a short followed by a long in quantitative meter, or an unstressed followed by a stressed in accentual meter, as in Come live / with me / and be / my love.
/ˈaɪæm; ˈaɪæmb/
noun (prosody) (pl) iambs, iambi (aɪˈæmbaɪ), iambuses
a metrical foot consisting of two syllables, a short one followed by a long one (◡ –)
a line of verse of such feet

1842, from French iambe (16c.), from Latin iambus, from Greek iambos (see iambic). Iambus itself was used in English in this sense in 1580s.


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