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Ibm 1403

A printer used with the IBM 360 mainframe, a successor to the 1401.


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  • Ibm 1620

    computer A computer built by IBM and released in late 1959. The 1620 cost from around $85,000(?) up to hundreds of thousands of dollars(?) according to the configuration. It was billed as a “small scientific computer” to distinguish it from the business-oriented IBM 1401. It was regarded as inexpensive, and many schools started out with […]

  • Ibm 1710

    computer An IBM 1620 with additional features useful for industrial process control: A/D convertors, D/A convertors, general-purpose I/O lines, and interrupts. [Date?] (1997-07-20)

  • Ibm 2741

    printer A slow, letter-quality printing device and terminal based on the IBM Selectric typewriter. The print head was a little sphere resembling a golf ball, bearing reversed embossed images of 88 different characters arranged on four parallels of latitude; one could change the font by changing the golf ball. The device communicated at 134.5 bits […]

  • Ibm 360


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