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Ibm 700 series

A family of computers made by IBM, including the IBM 701, IBM 702, IBM 704, IBM 705 and IBM 709.


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  • Ibm 701

    computer (“Defense Calculator”) The first of the IBM 700 series of computers. The IBM 701 was annouced internally on 1952-04-29 as “the most advanced, most flexible high-speed computer in the world”. Known as the Defense Calculator while in development at IBM Poughkeepsie Laboratory, it went public on 1953-04-07 as the “IBM 701 Electronic Data Processing […]

  • Ibm 704

    computer A large, scientific computer made by IBM and used by the largest commercial, government and educational institutions. The IBM 704 had 36-bit memory words, 15-bit addresses and instructions with one address. A few index register instructions had the infamous 15-bit decrement field in addition to the 15-bit address. The 704, and IBM 709 which […]

  • Ibm 7040

    computer A scaled down version of the IBM 7090. (1997-02-23)

  • Ibm 705

    computer A business-oriented counterpart of the IBM 704. The 705 was a decimal machine with a circular register which could hold several values at the same time. Languages incuded ACOM, Autocode, ELI, PRINT, PRINT I, SOHIO, SYMBOLIC ASSEMBLY. (2000-06-01)

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