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Ice cream sandwich


a handheld dessert consisting of two (usu. chocolate) cakelike layers with a slice of ice cream inside

They make ice cream sandwiches in a bunch of different flavors.
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  • Ice-cream social

    noun, Chiefly Northern, North Midland, and Western U.S. 1. a social gathering, usually to raise money for a local church or school, where ice cream is the principal refreshment.

  • Ice-cream soda

    noun 1. (mainly US) ice cream served in a tall glass of carbonated water and a little milk, usually flavoured in various ways

  • Ice-cream suit

    noun 1. a man’s lightweight summer suit of white or a finely striped or solid pastel color.

  • Ice-cream supper

    noun, South Midland and Southern U.S. 1. an ice-cream social held in the late afternoon or early evening.

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