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[ahys-burg] /ˈaɪs bɜrg/

a large floating mass of ice, detached from a glacier and carried out to sea.
Informal. an emotionally cold person.
Australian Informal. a person who swims or surfs regularly in winter.
tip of the iceberg, the first hint or revelation of something larger or more complex:
The new evidence in the case is just the tip of the iceberg.
a large mass of ice floating in the sea, esp a mass that has broken off a polar glacier
tip of the iceberg, the small visible part of something, esp a problem or difficulty, that is much larger
(slang, mainly US) a person considered to have a cold or reserved manner

1774, partial loan-translation of Dutch ijsberg, literally “ice mountain,” from ijs “ice” (see ice (n.)) + berg “mountain” (see barrow (n.2)). An earlier term was sea-hill (1690s). Phrase tip of the iceberg, in a figurative sense, first recorded 1962. Iceberg lettuce attested from 1893.

A massive body of floating ice that has broken away from a glacier or ice field. Most of an iceberg lies underwater, but because ice is not as dense as water, about one ninth of it remains above the surface.

A large piece of ice that has broken away from a glacier at the shore and floated out to sea.

Note: Most of the ice in an iceberg is underwater, leaving only the “tip of the iceberg” visible — a fact that is often alluded to in discussions of subjects in which the most important aspects are hidden from view.


An unemotional, chilly person; cold fish (1840+)


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