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Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration
International Conference on Emergency Medicine


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  • Ice machine

    noun 1. a machine that automatically produces ice for use in drinks, etc

  • Ice maiden

    noun 1. a beautiful but aloof woman noun phrase A very cool and composed woman; a chilly woman; iceberg: Margaret Thatcher, the Ice Maiden, branded the conservative Gorsuch ”the Ice Queen”/ Ms Stone plays Sally, a powerful woman, another ice queen whose roiling emotions remain contained [1970s+; perhaps modeled on the title of Hans Christian […]

  • Icemaker

    [ahys-mey-ker] /ˈaɪsˌmeɪ kər/ noun 1. an appliance for making ice, especially ice cubes: Some refrigerators have built-in icemakers.

  • Iceman

    [ahys-man] /ˈaɪsˌmæn/ noun, plural icemen. 1. a whose business is gathering, storing, selling, or delivering . n. 1844, from ice (n.) + man (n.). noun

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