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(Brit, informal) an ironically childish word for little


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    [ik-ee] /ˈɪk i/ adjective, ickier, ickiest. Informal. 1. repulsive or distasteful. 2. excessively sweet or sentimental. 3. unsophisticated or old-fashioned. 4. sticky; viscid. /ˈɪkɪ/ adjective ickier, ickiest 1. sticky 2. excessively sentimental or emotional adj. 1935, American English, probably from icky-boo (c.1920) “sickly, nauseated,” probably baby talk elaboration of sick. Originally a swing lover’s term […]

  • Icknield way

    prehistoric trackway from Norfolk to Dorset, Old English Icenhylte (903), of unknown meaning and origin. Name transferred 12c. to the Roman road from Burton on the Water to Templeborough.

  • Icl

    company International Computers Limited.

  • Iclarm

    International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management

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