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International Conference on Population and Development


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  • Icpo

    International Criminal Police Organization

  • Ic-prolog

    Clark & McCabe, Imperial College 1979. Logic language with coroutining. [“IC-Prolog Language Features”, K.L. Clark et al in Logic Programming, K.L. Clark et al eds, pp.253-266, Academic Press 1982].

  • Ic prolog ii

    language, Prolog Imperial College Prolog. A Prolog with multi-threading, TCP primitives for interprocess communication, mailboxes, and an interface to Parlog. (ftp://doc.ic.ac.uk/computing/programming/languages). [“IC Prolog II: A Language for Implementing Multi-Agent Systems”, Y. Cosmadopoulos et al, in Tutorial and Workshop on Cooperating Knowledge Based Systems, Keele U 1992]. (1994-11-01)

  • Icq

    noun 1. trademark an instant messaging computer program that enables internet users to locate and communicate with one another online chat 1. Abbreviation for “I seek you”. 2. A proprietary chat system created by a couple of israeli guys, who later founded “mirabilis”. ICQ was sold to America On-Line around 1998. The name “ICQ” is […]

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