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International College of Surgeons.
a suffix of nouns that denote a body of facts, knowledge, principles, etc., usually corresponding to adjectives ending in -ic, or -ical: ethics; physics; politics; tactics .
Indian Civil Service
suffix (functioning as sing)
indicating a science, art, or matters relating to a particular subject: aeronautics, politics
indicating certain activities or practices: acrobatics

in the names of sciences or disciplines (acoustics, aerobics, economics, etc.) it represents a 16c. revival of the classical custom of using the neuter plural of adjectives with -ikos (see -ic) to mean “matters relevant to” and also as the titles of treatises about them. Subject matters that acquired their names in English before c.1500, however, tend to remain in singular (e.g. arithmetic, logic).

-ics suff.

Institute for Chemical Studies
intercostal space
International Cloning Society


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