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icterohepatitis ic·ter·o·hep·a·ti·tis (ĭk’tə-rō-hěp’ə-tī’tĭs)
Inflammation of the liver with jaundice as a prominent symptom.


Read Also:

  • Icteroid

    icteroid ic·ter·oid (ĭk’tə-roid’) adj. Having the appearance of being jaundiced.

  • Icterus

    [ik-ter-uh s] /ˈɪk tər əs/ noun, Pathology. 1. (def 1). /ˈɪktərəs/ noun 1. (pathol) another name for jaundice 2. a yellowing of plant leaves, caused by excessive cold or moisture n. 1706, medical Latin, from Greek ikteros “jaundice,” also the name of a yellowish bird the sight of which was supposed, by sympathetic magic, to […]

  • Icterus gravis

    icterus gravis icterus grav·is (grāv’ĭs) n. See malignant jaundice.

  • Icterus index

    icterus index n. A calculation indicating the level of bilirubin in serum or plasma, in which the intensity of the color of a specimen is compared with that of a standard solution using a colorimeter.

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