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/I D ten T/ A grade of user problem somewhere between PEBCAK and UBD. Considered friendlier than saying, “You called me down here to exit a modal dialog box for you?”


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    [ahy-duh] /ˈaɪ də/ noun 1. Mount, a mountain in W Turkey, in NW Asia Minor, SE of ancient Troy. 5810 feet (1771 meters). Turkish Kazdaği [kahz-dah-gee; Turkish kahz-dah-uh] /ˌkɑz dɑˈgi; Turkish ˌkɑz dɑˈʌ/ (Show IPA). 2. Modern name Mount Psiloriti [Greek psee-law-ree-tee] /Greek ˌpsi lɔˈri ti/ (Show IPA). the highest mountain in Crete. 8058 feet […]

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    International Diabetic Athletes Association

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    [welz] /wɛlz/ noun 1. Henry, 1805–78, U.S. businessman: pioneered in banking, stagecoach services, and express shipping. 2. H(erbert) G(eorge) 1866–1946, English novelist and historian. 3. Horace, 1815–48, U.S. dentist: pioneered use of nitrous oxide as an anesthetic. 4. Ida Bell (Ida Bell Wells-Barnett) 1862–1931, U.S. journalist and civil-rights leader. 5. a historic town in E […]

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    [ahy-dee-uh n] /aɪˈdi ən/ adjective 1. of, pertaining to, associated with, or inhabiting Mount Ida in Asia Minor or Crete.

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