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a suffix used in the names of chemical compounds:
another name for the silver orfe See orfe
(added to the combining form of the nonmetallic or electronegative elements) indicating a binary compound: sodium chloride
indicating an organic compound derived from another: acetanilide
indicating one of a class of compounds or elements: peptide, lanthanide

suffix used to form names of simple compounds of an element with another element or radical; originally abstracted from oxide, the first so classified.

-ide suff.

A suffix used to form the names of various chemical compounds, especially the second part of the name of a compound that has two members (such as sodium chloride) or the name of a general type of compound (such as polysaccharide).

1. Integrated Drive Electronics, see Advanced Technology Attachment.
2. integrated development environment.
3. Interactive Development Environments.
integrated disk electronics
integrated drive electronics
interface design enhancement


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