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[ahy-dee-uh-muhng-ger, -mong-] /aɪˈdi əˌmʌŋ gər, -ˌmɒŋ-/

a person who originates and promotes or deals in .


Read Also:

  • Idea-man

    noun 1. a person who is capable of and responsible for providing original ideas.

  • Idea-of-pure-reason

    noun, Kantianism. 1. any of the three undemonstrable entities (a personal soul, a cosmos, and a supreme being) implicit in the fact of a subject and an object of knowledge, and in the need for some principle uniting them.

  • Iconograph

    [ahy-kuh-nog-ruh-fee] /ˌaɪ kəˈnɒg rə fi/ noun, plural iconographies. 1. symbolic representation, especially the conventional meanings attached to an image or images. 2. subject matter in the visual arts, especially with reference to the conventions regarding the treatment of a subject in artistic representation. 3. the study or analysis of subject matter and its meaning in […]

  • Iconoclastic

    [ahy-kon-uh-klas-tik] /aɪˌkɒn əˈklæs tɪk/ adjective 1. attacking or ignoring cherished beliefs and long-held traditions, etc., as being based on error, superstition, or lack of creativity: an iconoclastic architect whose buildings are like monumental sculptures. 2. breaking or destroying images, especially those set up for religious veneration. adj. 1640s; see iconoclast + -ic.

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