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[id-ee-oh-dahy-nam-ik] /ˌɪd i oʊ daɪˈnæm ɪk/

of, relating to, or conforming to the theories of idiodynamics.


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  • Idiodynamics

    [id-ee-oh-dahy-nam-iks] /ˌɪd i oʊ daɪˈnæm ɪks/ noun, (used with a singular verb) 1. a system of beliefs in psychology emphasizing the role of the personality in choosing stimuli and in organizing responses.

  • Idioglossia

    [id-ee-uh-glos-ee-uh, -glaw-see-uh] /ˌɪd i əˈglɒs i ə, -ˈglɔ si ə/ noun 1. a private form of speech invented by one child or by children who are in close contact, as twins. 2. a pathological condition characterized by speech so distorted as to be unintelligible. /ˌɪdɪəʊˈɡlɒsɪə/ noun 1. a private language, as invented by a child […]

  • Idiogram

    /ˈɪdɪəʊˌɡræm/ noun 1. another name for karyogram idiogram id·i·o·gram (ĭd’ē-ə-grām’) n. A diagrammatic representation of chromosome morphology characteristic of a species or a population.

  • Idiograph

    [id-ee-uh-graf, -grahf] /ˈɪd i əˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf/ noun 1. a mark or signature characteristic of a particular person, organization, etc.; trademark. Compare (def 2).

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