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Igneous intrusive rock


See intrusive rock


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  • Igneous rock

    igneous rock [(ig-nee-uhs)] Rocks formed by the cooling and solidifying of molten materials. Igneous rocks can form beneath the Earth’s surface, or at its surface, as lava. Note: Granite, solid volcanic lava, and basalt are examples of igneous rock.

  • Ignescent

    [ig-nes-uh nt] /ɪgˈnɛs ənt/ adjective 1. emitting sparks of fire, as certain stones when struck with steel. 2. bursting into flame. noun 3. an ignescent substance. /ɪɡˈnɛsənt/ adjective 1. giving off sparks when struck, as a flint 2. capable of bursting into flame noun 3. an ignescent substance

  • Ignipuncture

    ignipuncture ig·ni·punc·ture (ĭg’nə-pŭngk’chər) n. Surgical closing of a break in the retina due to retinal separation by cauterizing the site of the break with a hot needle.

  • Ignimbrite

    [ig-nim-brahyt] /ˈɪg nɪmˌbraɪt/ noun, Petrology. 1. a fine-grained volcanic rock consisting mainly of welded shards of feldspar and quartz. /ˈɪɡnɪmˌbraɪt/ noun 1. a rock formed by the deposition at high temperature and the consolidation of a nuée ardente or other type of ash flow, being a complicated mixture of volcanic materials welded together by heat, […]

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