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ileocystoplasty il·e·o·cys·to·plas·ty (ĭl’ē-ō-sĭs’tə-plās’tē)
Surgical reconstruction of the bladder using an isolated intestinal segment to augment bladder capacity.


Read Also:

  • Ileoileostomy

    ileoileostomy il·e·o·il·e·os·to·my (ĭl’ē-ō-ĭl’ē-ŏs’tə-mē) n. Surgical construction of an opening between two segments of the ileum.

  • Ileojejunitis

    ileojejunitis il·e·o·je·ju·ni·tis (ĭl’ē-ō-jə-jōō’nī’tĭs, -jē’ju-, -jěj’u-) n. A chronic inflammatory condition involving the jejunum and parts or most of the ileum.

  • Ileopexy

    ileopexy il·e·o·pex·y (ĭl’ē-ō-pěk’sē) n. Surgical fixation of the ileum.

  • Ileoproctostomy

    ileoproctostomy il·e·o·proc·tos·to·my (ĭl’ē-ō-prŏk-tŏs’tə-mē) n. Surgical construction of an opening between the ileum and the rectum.

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