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[il-ee-ak] /ˈɪl iˌæk/

of, relating to, or situated near the .
(anatomy) of or relating to the ilium

1510s, “pertaining to the disease ileus or colic,” from French iliaque or directly from Late Latin iliacus, from ilium “flank, side, entrails” (see ileum).

iliac il·i·ac (ĭl’ē-āk’)
Of, relating to, or situated near the ilium.
Plural ilia
The uppermost and widest of the three bones that fuse together to form each of the hipbones. See more at skeleton.

iliac adjective


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  • Iliac-artery

    noun, Anatomy. 1. Also called common iliac artery. either of two large arteries that conduct blood to the pelvis and the legs. 2. Also called external iliac artery. the outer branch of an iliac artery that becomes the femoral artery. 3. Also called hypogastric artery, internal iliac artery. the inner branch of an iliac artery […]

  • Iliac bone

    iliac bone n. See ilium.

  • Iliac bursa

    iliac bursa n. A subtendinous bursa at the insertion of the iliopsoas muscle into the lesser trochanter.

  • Iliac colon

    iliac colon n. The portion of the descending colon that lies in the left iliac fossa, between the crest of the left ilium and the pelvic brim.

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