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Iliococcygeal muscle

iliococcygeal muscle n.
The posterior part of the elevator muscle of the anus.


Read Also:

  • Iliocostal muscle

    iliocostal muscle il·i·o·cos·tal muscle (ĭl’ē-ō-kŏs’təl) n. The lateral division of the erector muscle of the spine, having three subdivisions: the lumbar iliocostal muscle, the thoracic iliocostal muscle, and the cervical iliocostal muscle.

  • Iliofemoral

    iliofemoral il·i·o·fem·o·ral (ĭl’ē-ō-fěm’ər-əl) adj. Relating to the ilium and the femur.

  • Iliofemoral ligament

    iliofemoral ligament n. A triangular ligament attached by its apex to the lower front spine of the ilium and rim of the acetabulum, and by its base to the front intertrochanteric line of the femur. The strong medial band is attached to the lower part of the intertrochanteric line. Also called Y-shaped ligament.

  • Iliofemoral triangle

    iliofemoral triangle n. See Bryant’s triangle.

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