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bad or irritable disposition.
bad temper; irritability


Read Also:

  • Ill-tempered

    noun 1. bad or irritable disposition. adjective 1. showing bad temper; irritable noun 1. bad temper; irritability

  • Ill-timed

    [il-tahymd] /ˈɪlˈtaɪmd/ adjective 1. badly timed; inopportune. adjective 1. occurring at or planned for an unsuitable time

  • Ill-treat

    [il-treet] /ˈɪlˈtrit/ verb (used with object) 1. to treat badly; maltreat; abuse. verb 1. (transitive) to behave cruelly or harshly towards; misuse; maltreat

  • Illude

    [ih-lood] /ɪˈlud/ verb (used with object), illuded, illuding. 1. to deceive or trick. 2. Obsolete. /ɪˈluːd/ verb 1. (literary) to trick or deceive v. early 15c., “to mock, to trick,” from Latin illudere “to make sport of,” from assimilated form of in- “in, into” (see in- (2)) + ludere “to play” (see ludicrous).

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