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[ih-lit-uh-rah-tee, -rey-tahy] /ɪˌlɪt əˈrɑ ti, -ˈreɪ taɪ/

plural noun, Informal.
illiterate or ignorant people.


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  • Ill-judged

    [il-juhjd] /ˈɪlˈdʒʌdʒd/ adjective 1. injudicious; unwise. adjective 1. rash; ill-advised

  • Ill-kempt

    [il-kempt] /ˈɪlˈkɛmpt/ adjective 1. .

  • Ill-looking

    [il-loo k-ing] /ˈɪlˈlʊk ɪŋ/ adjective, Older Use. 1. . 2. .

  • Ill-mannered

    [il-man-erd] /ˈɪlˈmæn ərd/ adjective 1. having bad or poor manners; impolite; discourteous; rude. adjective 1. having bad manners; rude; impolite

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