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a person or company hired to advise on improved public presentation or impression, esp. in media and public relations; also, such a person or company hired to assist someone in personal appearance or style. Cf. imagemaker
Word Origin

Usage Note

image consulting, n


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  • Iminourea

    [ih-mee-noh-yoo-ree-uh, -yoo r-ee-uh, im-uh-noh-] /ɪˌmi noʊ yʊˈri ə, -ˈyʊər i ə, ˌɪm ə noʊ-/ noun, Chemistry. 1. . /ɪˌmiːnəʊjʊəˈrɪə/ noun 1. another name for guanidine

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    [im-i-tuh-buh l] /ˈɪm ɪ tə bəl/ adjective 1. capable or worthy of being : She has many good, imitable qualities. adj. from French imitable (16c.), from Latin imitabilis “that may be imitated,” from imitari (see imitation). Related: Imitability.

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