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[im-ij-ree, im-i-juh-ree] /ˈɪm ɪdʒ ri, ˈɪm ɪ dʒə ri/

noun, plural imageries.
the formation of mental images, figures, or likenesses of things, or of such images collectively:
the dim imagery of a dream.
pictorial images, as in works of art.
the use of rhetorical images.
figurative description or illustration; rhetorical images collectively.
Psychology. mental images collectively, especially those produced by the action of .
/ˈɪmɪdʒrɪ; -dʒərɪ/
noun (pl) -ries
figurative or descriptive language in a literary work
images collectively

(military) the presentation of objects reproduced photographically (by infrared or electronic means) as prints or electronic displays

mid-14c., “piece of sculpture, carved figures,” from Old French imagerie (13c.), from imagier “painter,” from image (see image (n.)). Meaning “ornate description” (in poetry, etc.) is from 1580s.

imagery im·age·ry (ĭm’ĭj-rē)

The mental pictures created by a piece of writing: “The imagery of “The Waste Land” — crumbling towers, dried-up wells, toppled tombstones — conveys the author’s sense of a civilization in decay.”

only in the phrase “chambers of his imagery” (Ezek. 8:12). (See CHAMBER.)


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