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[im-bahyb] /ɪmˈbaɪb/

verb (used with object), imbibed, imbibing.
to consume (liquids) by drinking; drink:
He imbibed great quantities of iced tea.
to absorb or soak up, as water, light, or heat:
Plants imbibe moisture from the soil.
to take or receive into the mind, as knowledge, ideas, or the like:
to imbibe a sermon; to imbibe beautiful scenery.
verb (used without object), imbibed, imbibing.
to drink, especially alcoholic beverages:
Just a soft drink for me—I don’t imbibe.
to absorb liquid or moisture.
Archaic. to soak or saturate; imbue.
to drink (esp alcoholic drinks)
(literary) to take in or assimilate (ideas, facts, etc): to imbibe the spirit of the Renaissance
(transitive) to take in as if by drinking: to imbibe fresh air
to absorb or cause to absorb liquid or moisture; assimilate or saturate

late 14c., from Old French imbiber, embiber “to soak into,” from Latin imbibere “absorb, drink in, inhale,” from assimilated form of in- “into, in, on, upon” (see in- (2)) + bibere “to drink,” related to potare “to drink,” from PIE *po(i)- “to drink” (see potion). Figurative sense of “mentally drink in” (knowledge, ideas, etc.) was the main one in classical Latin, first attested in English 1550s. Related: Imbibed; imbibing.


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