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the act of .
a group or number of .
Contemporary Examples

“Clearly Obama will have to say something about immigration policy,” says Selee.
The Salahis Are Not Invited Dayo Olopade May 17, 2010

But the episode could damage her with Latino voters—a crucial bloc already inflamed over the nation’s immigration wars.
Meg Whitman’s Latino Trouble Shushannah Walshe September 29, 2010

The House Gang of Eight immigration plan, expected to be released in early June, will also contain a path to citizenship.
Immigration Reform Passes the Senate Judiciary Committee Justin Green May 21, 2013

I followed Arpaio around as I reported my book about the immigration nightmare in Phoenix.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Slammed in Federal Civil Rights Probe Report Terry Greene Sterling December 15, 2011

And the Republicans are going to go ballistic, especially on immigration.
For Obama, Hell Week Has Arrived Michael Tomasky November 14, 2014

Historical Examples

It acts upon residence as well as immigration, and its provisions are effective throughout the United States.
A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents James D. Richardson

Our young Manxman is already feeling the English immigration on his character.
The Little Manx Nation – 1891 Hall Caine

The requirements of the immigration authorities are easily met by various simple subterfuges.
Fighting the Traffic in Young Girls Various

Omaha was the city which invited them and received the bulk of immigration to that State.
Negro Migration during the War Emmett J. Scott

Only recently have the economic results of immigration begun to receive the attention which their importance deserves.
The Scandinavian Element in the United States Kendric Charles Babcock

the movement of non-native people into a country in order to settle there
the part of a port, airport, etc where government employees examine the passports, visas, etc of foreign nationals entering the country

1650s, from immigrate + -ion. As short for “immigration authorities,” from 1966.


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