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Immune deficiency

immune deficiency n.
See immunodeficiency.


Read Also:

  • Immune electron microscopy

    immune electron microscopy n. The use of an electron microscope to examine viral specimens bound to specific antibody.

  • Immune fetal hydrops

    immune fetal hydrops n. A combination of edema and ascites in a fetus, due to erythroblastosis fetalis.

  • Immune reaction

    immune reaction n. The reaction resulting from the recognition and binding of an antigen by its specific antibody or by a previously sensitized lymphocyte. Also called immunoreaction.

  • Immune-response

    noun 1. any of the body’s immunologic reactions to an antigen. noun 1. the reaction of an organism’s body to foreign materials (antigens), including the production of antibodies immune response n. An integrated bodily response to an antigen, especially one mediated by lymphocytes and involving recognition of antigens by specific antibodies or previously sensitized lymphocytes. […]

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