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[im-pak-tiv] /ɪmˈpæk tɪv/

caused by :
impactive pain.
compelling or impressive:
He was deeply moved by the impactive force of the performance.
of or relating to a physical impact
making a strong impression


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  • Impact-parameter

    noun, (in nuclear physics) 1. the perpendicular distance from the original center of a set of scattering particles to the original line of motion of a particle being scattered.

  • Impactor

    [im-pak-ter] /ɪmˈpæk tər/ noun 1. a person or thing that . 2. . noun 1. an electric or pneumatic power wrench with interchangeable toolhead attachments, used for installing and removing nuts, bolts, and screws.

  • Impact printer

    noun 1. any printing device in which the printing surface strikes the paper, such as a traditional typewriter or a line printer See also non-impact printer printer The earlier, noisier kind of printer where part of the mechanism comes into contact with the paper. The term would only be only used in contrast to “non-impact […]

  • Impact-structure

    noun 1. a large geologic formation, as a crater, created by a comet’s or meteor’s collision with a planet.

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