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[im-pur-fer-it, -fuh-reyt] /ɪmˈpɜr fər ɪt, -fəˌreɪt/

Also, imperforated. not ; having no perforation.
Philately. (of a number of stamps joined together) lacking the perforations usually separating individual stamps.
an imperforate stamp.
/ɪmˈpɜːfərɪt; -ˌreɪt/
not perforated
(of a postage stamp) not provided with perforation or any other means of separation imperf Compare perforate
(anatomy) (of a bodily part, such as the anus) without the normal opening

1670s, from im- + perforate (adj.).

imperforation im·per·fo·ra·tion (ĭm-pûr’fə-rā’shən)
The condition of being abnormally occluded or closed.

imperforate im·per·fo·rate (ĭm-pûr’fər-ĭt)
Lacking a normal opening.


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