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[im-pawr-tnt] /ɪmˈpɔr tnt/

of much or great significance or consequence:
an important event in world history.
mattering much (usually followed by to):
details important to a fair decision.
entitled to more than ordinary consideration or notice:
an important exception.
prominent or large:
He played an important part in national politics.
of considerable influence or authority, as a person or position:
an important scientist.
having social position or distinction, as a person or family:
important guests.
pompous; pretentious:
When speaking, he assumes an important attitude that offends his audience.
Obsolete. .
of great significance or value; outstanding: Voltaire is an important writer
of social significance; notable; eminent; esteemed: an important man in the town
(when postpositive) usually foll by to. specially relevant or of great concern (to); valued highly (by): your wishes are important to me
an obsolete word for importunate

mid-15c., from Middle French important and directly from Medieval Latin importantem (nominative importans), present participle of importare “be significant in,” from Latin importare “bring in” (see import). Related: Importantly.


Impressive; imposing; heavy, serious: wear short dresses made of metal and leather and have important hair (1980s+)


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