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[im-pri-mah-ter, -mey-, -prahy-] /ˌɪm prɪˈmɑ tər, -ˈmeɪ-, -praɪ-/

an official license to print or publish a book, pamphlet, etc., especially a license issued by a censor of the Roman Catholic Church.
Compare .
sanction or approval; support:
Our plan has the company president’s imprimatur.
/ˌɪmprɪˈmeɪtə; -ˈmɑː-/
(RC Church) a licence granted by a bishop certifying the Church’s approval of a book to be published
sanction, authority, or approval, esp for something to be printed

1640, Modern Latin, literally “let it be printed,” the formula of a book licenser, third person singular present subjunctive passive of Latin imprimere “to print” (see impress). Originally of state license to print books, later only of Roman Catholic Church.


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