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In a stew

adjective phrase

Agitated, alarmed, or anxious. For example, Mary was in a stew about how her cake was going to turn out. It is also put as get in or into a stew, as in Every Saturday the minister got in a stew about Sunday’s sermon. This expression transfers the mixture of meat and vegetables constituting a stew to overheated mixed emotions. [ c. 1800 ]


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  • In a sweat

    adjective phrase Upset; irritated; tense; scared: Don’t get in a sweat, I’ll return it at once (1753+)

  • In a tailspin

    adjective phrase Dangerously out of control: I knew he’d be upset, but he’s gone into a tail spin over this [1928+; fr the downward spinning of an airplane, for which the term is found by 1917]

  • In a tight corner

    Also, in a tight spot . See under in a bind

  • In a tizzy

    adjective phrase Very much upset; distractingly disturbed; in a state: I have been in a tizzy since reading his accusations [1935+; origin unknown] see: in a dither

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