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In black and white

see: black and white , def. 3.


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    [in-bawrd, -bohrd] /ˈɪnˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd/ adjective 1. located nearer the longitudinal axis or center, as of an airplane: the inboard section of a wing. 2. located inside a hull or aircraft: a motorboat with an inboard engine. 3. (of a motorboat) having the motor inboard. adverb 4. inside or toward the longitudinal axis or center of […]

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    [in-bawrd-out-bawrd, in-bohrd-out-bohrd] /ˈɪnˌbɔrdˈaʊtˌbɔrd, ˈɪnˌboʊrdˈaʊtˌboʊrd/ adjective 1. Also, outdrive, stern-drive. (of a motorboat) having an inboard engine connected to a maneuverable outboard drive-shaft unit. noun, Also called , . 2. an inboard-outboard motor. 3. a boat equipped with such a motor. Abbreviation: I/O.

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    noun 1. (Caribbean) a duty-free shop

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    [in-bond] /ˈɪnˌbɒnd/ adjective, Masonry. 1. composed mainly or entirely of headers (opposed to ).

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