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a motto appearing on U.S. currency.
motto of Florida.


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  • Ingoing

    [in-goh-ing] /ˈɪnˌgoʊ ɪŋ/ adjective 1. in; entering. /ˈɪnˌɡəʊɪŋ/ adjective 1. coming or going in; entering noun 2. (often pl) (English law) the sum paid by a new tenant for fixtures left behind by the outgoing tenant 3. (Scot) another word for ingo adj. also in-going, 1825, from in + going.

  • Ingolstadt

    [ing-guh l-shtaht] /ˈɪŋ gəlˌʃtɑt/ noun 1. a city in Bavaria,SE Germany, on the Danube River. /German ˈɪŋɡɔlʃtat/ noun 1. a city in S central Germany, in Bavaria on the River Danube: oil-refining. Pop: 119 528 (2003 est)

  • In good condition

    Also, in good shape . See in condition

  • In good hands

    In competent or safe care. For example, I know the children are in good hands when they visit my mother. The term good hand has been used in the sense of “skill” or “ability” since the late 1300s.

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