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[in me-di-ahs res; English in mee-dee-uh s reez, in mey-dee-ahs reys] /ɪn ˈmɛ dɪˌɑs ˈrɛs; English ɪn ˈmi diˌəs ˈriz, ɪn ˈmeɪ diˌɑs ˈreɪs/

adverb, Latin.
in the middle of things.
/ɪn ˈmiːdɪˌæs ˈreɪs/
in or into the middle of events or a narrative

Latin, literally “in the midst of things” (see medium).
in medias res [(in may-dee-uhs, mee-dee-uhs rays)]

In the middle of the action. Epics often begin in medias res. For example, the Odyssey, which tells the story of the wanderings of the hero Odysseus, begins almost at the end of his wanderings, just before his arrival home. In medias res is a Latin phrase used by the poet Horace; it means “in the middle of things.”


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