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In the case of

Regarding, in the matter of, in that instance. For example, In the case of James, they decided to promote him to the next grade. [ Late 1300s ]
Also see: in case, def. 2.


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  • In the catbird seat

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  • In the clutch

    adverb phrase At the moment when heroic performance under pressure is needed: He’s a good one to have around in the clutch [1920s+; probably a baseball term originally]

  • In the cold light of day

    Dispassionately, unemotionally, especially at a later time. For example, They had a terrible fight about the mix-up, but in the cold light of day they realized they were both at fault. This expression transfers the illumination of daylight to rational understanding and uses cold to emphasize the lack of passion.

  • In the coop

    adjective phrase Sleeping on the job; off duty for unauthorized rest: The cruise car for that street was supposed to be in the coop (1960s+ Police)

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