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In the toilet

adjective phrase

In very dire straits; standing a clear last: Thirty-one years ago, when the Mets were really in the toilet, sportswriters rallied New Yorkers by touting the Mets’ incompetence as symbolic of underdog struggle (1980s+)


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  • In the trenches

    adjective phrase Suffering the ill effects of a hang-over: looking as hung over as you can get (1940s+)

  • In the tub

    adjective phrase Bankrupt; ruined; in the dumper (1940s+)

  • In the twinkling of an eye

    In an instant, as in The breakup of Yugoslavia created many warring nations in the twinkling of an eye. This hyperbolic expression, which alludes to the very brief time it takes for an eye to blink, is heard less often today. [ c. 1300 ]

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