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In there

adverb phrase

Related Terms

hang in


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  • In there pitching

    adverb phrase (also in there or right there or right in there) Making a great effort; coping energetically and successfully; on top of: I’m on the go night and day, and I’m in there pitching/ When they needed a strong guide, he was in there (1940s+) Exerting one’s best effort, trying actively. For example, After […]

  • In the ring

    Related Terms throw one’s hat in the ring

  • In the road

    Related Terms wide place in the road

  • In the sack

    noun A contemptible constable; an incompetent:Apparently sometimes used jovially to mean simply ”cop”: I don’t believe that hump! I’m trying to develop a case, and he acts like I’m a hysterical old maid looking for rapists under the bed (1990+ Police) verb Related Terms bust one’s ass, bust hump, dry fuck, get a hump on, […]

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