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[in-an-uh-mit] /ɪnˈæn ə mɪt/

not animate; lifeless.
spiritless; sluggish; dull.
Linguistics. belonging to a syntactic category or having a semantic feature that is characteristic of words denoting objects, concepts, and beings regarded as lacking perception and volition (opposed to ).
lacking the qualities or features of living beings; not animate: inanimate objects
lacking any sign of life or consciousness; appearing dead
lacking vitality; spiritless; dull

early 15c., from Late Latin inanimatus “lifeless,” from in- “not” (see in- (1)) + animatus (see animation). The same word in 17c. also was a verb meaning “to infuse with life,” from the other in- (see in- (2)).

inanimate in·an·i·mate (ĭn-ān’ə-mĭt)
Not having the qualities associated with active, living organisms; not animate.
in·an’i·mate·ness n.


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