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[in-ahr-gyoo-uh-buh l] /ɪnˈɑr gyu ə bəl/

not :
Her conclusion is so obvious as to be inarguable.


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    [in-uh-ree, -ahr-ee; Finnish ih-nah-ri] /ˈɪn ə ri, -ɑr i; Finnish ˈɪ nɑ rɪ/ noun 1. Lake, a lake in NE Finland. About 500 sq. mi. (1295 sq. km).

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    Inverse Address Resolution Protocol

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    [in-ahr-tik-yuh-lit] /ˌɪn ɑrˈtɪk yə lɪt/ adjective 1. lacking the ability to express oneself, especially in clear and effective speech: an inarticulate public speaker. 2. unable to use articulate speech: inarticulate with rage. 3. not articulate; not uttered or emitted with expressive or intelligible modulations: His mouth stuffed, he could utter only inarticulate sounds. 4. not […]

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