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[in-bree-ding] /ˈɪnˌbri dɪŋ/

noun, Biology.
the mating of closely related individuals, as cousins, sire-daughter, brother-sister, or self-fertilized plants, which tends to increase the number of individuals that are homozygous for a trait and therefore increases the appearance of recessive traits.
[in-breed, in-breed] /ˈɪnˌbrid, ɪnˈbrid/
verb (used with object), inbred, inbreeding.
to (individuals of a closely related group) repeatedly.
to breed within; engender.
verb (used without object), inbred, inbreeding.
to engage in or undergo .
verb -breeds, -breeding, -bred
to breed from unions between closely related individuals, esp over several generations
(transitive) to develop within; engender

c.1842, from in + breeding.

inbreeding in·breed·ing (ĭn’brē’dĭng)

The breeding or mating of related individuals within an isolated or closed group of organisms or people. Inbreeding can result in inbreeding depression. However, in agriculture and animal husbandry, the continued breeding of closely related individuals can help to preserve desirable traits in a stock.


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