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noun, Pathology.
a particle that takes a characteristic stain, found in a virus-infected cell.
(pathol) any of the small particles found in the nucleus and cytoplasm of cells infected with certain viruses

inclusion body n.
An abnormal structure in a cell nucleus or cytoplasm having characteristic staining properties and associated especially with certain viral infections, such as rabies and smallpox.


Read Also:

  • Inclusion body disease

    inclusion body disease n. See cytomegalic inclusion disease.

  • Inclusion body encephalitis

    inclusion body encephalitis n. A usually fatal disease that appears to result from persistent measles virus infection, causing inflammation in both the white and gray matter and characterized by the presence of nuclear inclusion bodies.

  • Inclusion cell

    inclusion cell n. A cultured skin fibroblast containing membrane-bound inclusions. Also called I cell.

  • Inclusion cell disease

    inclusion cell disease n. See mucolipidosis II.

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