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a government program that provides financial assistance to needy people so that they can maintain a certain income level.


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  • Incomer

    [in-kuhm-er] /ˈɪnˌkʌm ər/ noun 1. a person who comes . 2. Chiefly British. an immigrant. 3. an intruder. 4. a successor. 5. Hunting. a duck, pheasant, etc., that flies toward the shooter. /ˈɪnkʌmə/ noun 1. a person who comes to live in a place in which he was not born

  • Incomes-policy

    noun 1. a government policy to curb inflation that relies on voluntary compliance rather than on mandatory wage, price, or profit controls. noun 1. See prices and incomes policy

  • Income-statement

    noun 1. an accounting of income and expenses that indicates a firm’s net profit or loss over a certain period of time, usually one year.

  • Income support

    noun 1. (in Britain, formerly) a social security payment for people on very low incomes noun in the UK, a monetary benefit given by the government to supplement someone’s income, esp. for the disabled or single parents Usage Note British

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