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[in-kuh n-veen-yuh nt] /ˌɪn kənˈvin yənt/

not easily accessible or at hand:
The phone is in an inconvenient place.
inopportune; untimely:
an inconvenient time for a visit.
not suiting one’s needs or purposes:
The house has an inconvenient floor plan.
/ˌɪnkənˈviːnjənt; -ˈviːnɪənt/
not convenient; troublesome, awkward, or difficult

mid-15c., “wrongfully,” from inconvenient + -ly (2). Meaning “with trouble or discomfort” is from 1650s.

late 14c., “injurious, dangerous,” from Old French inconvénient (13c.), from Latin inconvenientem (nominative inconveniens) “unsuitable, not accordant, dissimilar,” from in- “not, opposite of” (see in- (1)) + convenientem (see convenient). In early 15c., “inappropriate, unbecoming, unnatural;” also, of an accused person, “unlikely as a culprit, innocent.” Sense of “troublesome, awkward” first recorded 1650s.


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