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[in-kyoo r-uh-buh l] /ɪnˈkyʊər ə bəl/

not curable; that cannot be cured, remedied, or corrected:
an incurable disease.
not susceptible to change:
his incurable pessimism.
a person suffering from an incurable disease.
(esp of a disease) not curable; unresponsive to treatment
a person having an incurable disease

mid-14c., from Old French incurable (13c.), from Late Latin incurabilis, from in- “not” (see in- (1)) + curabilis “curable” (see curable). Related: Incurably.

incurable in·cur·a·ble (ĭn-kyur’ə-bəl)
Being such that a cure is impossible; not curable.


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