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[adjective in-kur-veyt, in-kur-vit; verb in-kur-veyt, in-kur-veyt] /adjective ˈɪn kɜrˌveɪt, ɪnˈkɜr vɪt; verb ˈɪn kɜrˌveɪt, ɪnˈkɜr veɪt/

curved, especially inward.
verb (used with object), incurvated, incurvating.
to make curved; turn from a straight line or course; curve, especially inward.
verb (ˈɪnkɜːˌveɪt)
to curve or cause to curve inwards
adjective (ɪnˈkɜːvɪt; -veɪt)
curved inwards

incurvation in·cur·va·tion (ĭn’kûr-vā’shən)
A curvature that turns inward.


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    [in-kurv] /ɪnˈkɜrv/ verb (used with or without object), incurved, incurving. 1. to curve or cause to curve inward.

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