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an audit of a company conducted by accountants from an outside accounting firm (distinguished from ).


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  • Independent-axiom

    noun, Logic, Mathematics. 1. in a set of axioms, one that cannot be proved by using the others in the set.

  • Independent contractor

    noun a worker who provides services to a company but is not an employee or agent of that company

  • Independentista

    [een-de-pen-den-tees-tah] /ˌin dɛˌpɛn dɛnˈtis tɑ/ noun, plural independentistas [een-de-pen-den-tees-tahs] /ˌin dɛˌpɛn dɛnˈtis tɑs/ (Show IPA). Spanish. 1. (especially in Latin America) a person who supports or works toward political independence, especially one supporting radical changes in an existing government or from an existing system of government.

  • Independent-living

    noun 1. a living arrangement for disabled people and others with special needs, usually in their own home, affording them as much independence and autonomy as possible.

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